Dragon Boi

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Package Description

- Access to all previous ranks perks

- Dragon rank in the Stoneworks Discord

- Access to thousands of decorative heads for decoration purposes or whatever you desire (/headdb)

- Access to Edit armor stands for decorative purposes

- Access to Lawyer, Tax Collector, Dyer, Gemcutter, and Wrestler prefixes

- Access to turn Item Frames invisible (/itf toggle)

- Access to Spy, Nurse, Physician, Alchemist, and Artist prefixes

- Access to Duke, Duchess, Architect, Carpenter, and Historian prefixes

- Access to Death Particle Effects (/deatheffects)

- Access to Banner Maker GUI (/bannermaker)

- Access to Sailor, Cheesemonger, Painter, Gravedigger, and Minstrel prefixes

- Access to Custom Wings (/wings)

- Access to Rainbow Armor (/rainbowarmor)

- Access to Lumberjack, Maid, Butler, Poet, and Apothecary prefixes 

- Access to the Marry commands, allowing you to marry people

- Access to /rename, to change the name of items. And /setlore, to change the lore.

- Access to Playwright, Glassblower, Bailiff, Cartographer, and Nun prefixes

- Access to rename items with color on Anvils 

- Access to Fletcher, Apiarist, Oysterer, Stonemason, and Woodcarver prefixes